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Urgently excited to invest in a green future? Get started fast.

Join the #RecycleSmarter Revolution with Planet Clean

It’s with great pleasure that we extend this invitation to help forge a green future with Planet Clean Recycling International (PCRI) with your participation in our open fundraising round.

An investment with PCRI is an investment sustainability for our oceans, for the land, and for the creatures and humans who inhabit it. Further, there are many opportunities to share in the success of our unique and innovative processing operation stack. Each part of our ambitious and vital processing roadmap yields new and exciting surface areas to win out in the green future ahead.

Review and Sign

Please review all documents and materials carefully, and if you’re ready, follow the link below to sign documents related to investmenting in Planet Clean.


Investor Materials and Documents

Here, you will be able to download each of our investor-facing documents, including our:

• Informational Presentation Deck
• Executive Summary One-Sheet
• Convertible Note


Should you have any questions, please contact our broker dealers
using the contact form below.

A plastic-powered, sustainable future starts with us.